Broadcast Support for high standards

At BroadcastX we want to create a protective shield for our customers that goes beyond the avoidance of technical difficulties. It is our stated goal to proactively contribute to the further development of processes and deepening of automatisms. To this end, we support our customers with a compact, cross-software and in-depth range of services. BroadcastX offers the following services for you:

An overview of our services:

Software development:

Our BroadcastX development team is specialized in developing media solutions and workflows. Our main goal is, to create software helper for the daily business in the media and broadcast industry. We can check your need in a call or a meeting.


Most of the time there are questions and ambiguities which simply come up during the daily work routine or during the introduction of new software components. Our team is always available with advice and assistance.

development service

IT Maintenance:

Not only machines have to be maintained regularly. Even though it is not really visible: software has to withstand numerous burdens, communicating in a variety of ways and ensuring constant results on a daily basis. Therefore, it is even more important that updates and debugging will be done regularly. This is very time consuming, which is why it is often forgotten or suppressed in the daily business. By having a service contract with BroadcastX, you will not have this problem because we are taking care of it. In this way, we are not only able to avoid damages, but also fill in security gaps and ensure excellent availabilities.

IT Operational Support:

Nowadays a professional IT Operational Support is not only a nice-to-have – it is more like a must-have! This is giving you the opportunity to react quickly to bottlenecks. We support you in the desired segments and undertake both, the monitoring of IT systems and the service optimization. In order to ensure optimal transparency, we regularly create reports that provide you with detailed insights into all processes. We are also happy to support you with the creation of IT documentation.

service maintenance

Why an Operational Support Contract is so important:

In the economic segment of TV production, our customers have to deal with very high requirements. Team and technology have to collaborate a lot more flexibly in order to guarantee permanent availability of media in many ways. Video On Demand is a recent example. Within the last years, many new tasks have been created, which are distributed to a few heads only. Modern, fast software should help here. Each TV station faces major problems as soon as the software starts to fail. Luckily, there are experts who ensure the transmission operation in advance and ensure a quick solution for the case of acute difficulties. With a BroadcastX support contract, you can fully concentrate on entertaining and informing people. We take care of the rest.

Broadcast Support – why you should choose us?

The BroadcastX team consists of IT, media and TV experts who have gained a lot of experience in well-known production companies. We would like to pass on this accumulated knowledge collectively to our customers. Feel free to contact us.

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